Aircraft Insurance: What is the Two Way Cross Liability clause?

Many aircraft are owned by more than one person, such as an equity group, and in such cases the insurance is often arranged in the name of the group. This can present an issue if there is an insured accident where one part-owner is piloting the aircraft and another part-owner is a passenger. As the passenger is effectively also the policyholder they would not necessarily receive the protection provided by the passenger liability section of the policy.

To address this issue in our latest policy we have included a ‘Two Way Cross Liability’ clause which extends the cover in a number of ways, including to ensure that any part owner who is travelling as a passenger in the aircraft will receive the same level of protection under the passenger liability section as would any other passenger.

Existing policyholders can check whether they have this clause by reviewing the applicable version of their Policy Booklet. Guidance on how to access this is given here.

If you find you do not have this clause in your current policy but would like it to be added, please submit a request using our Special Covers facility.

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