What You Say About Us

Capt T Hughston, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
"I'm very impressed with the ease and convenience of your service."
Mr C Taylor
"Easy to arrange on-line, good price, queries answered promptly plus interest free credit, what more could you want?"
Mr M Spiers
"The price quoted was below what I thought it would be, and I like that the site lets me change cover options easily so I can see the impact on the premium."
Mr J Ives
"Great website and I really liked the prices I was getting."
Mr D Hill
"Now that we are all used to doing our car insurance shopping online, it came as a refreshing change to be able to do aircraft insurance in the same way."
Mr A Colman
"Visicover allowed me to tailor the  Insurance exactly  to my needs, the process helped me to understand a little more about aviation insurance too, but most of all it saved me money!  payment is easy and flexible, I found conventional insurers a little laid back and quite slow in responding to queries, the Visicover service is near instant, it’s what I want in a fast  paced world."
Mr K Stewart
"Last weekend was the first time I have taken a passenger up for quite a while. The previous insurance policy only offered £125k of passenger cover and so I had been very reluctant to take anyone flying. Having the new Visicover policy in place with £2M of combined cover made me feel much happier taking someone else up with me.

I have always been disappointed with previous insurance broker’s websites. You can enter some of your details but it seems to take a long time to get a quote. It is never clear how various factors affect the premium. Visicover is like a breath of fresh air for aircraft owners. It allows simple, quick and cost effective determination of the most suitable cover.

The customer service offered by yourself has been second to none and certainly added a large dose of reassurance when selecting a company that I had not heard of before."
Mr A Daley
"Viscover is most welcome. Not only is it easy to use but I saved a substantial amount of premium. Well done!"
Mr J Roberts
"Thanks again for bringing a breath of fresh air to the UK insurance market."
Mr D Doyle
"Excellent cover which I could effortlessly tailor to my needs. It was great to deal with a company that finally seemed to understand the requirements of an aircraft owner. First class service and less than half the price of my previous insurer!"
Mr C Maher
"Just a line to thank you and Visicover for providing such a competitive  insurance quote for my Jungmann. The service provided has been both hassle free and efficient. Thank you for bringing aircraft insurance into the 21st century."
Mr B Ellis
"Thanks for bringing aircraft insurance into the 21st century. It's great to see the effect things have on the cost and tailoring your needs without paper - excellent."
Mr D Ridley
"An excellent system, easy to use, fast and a very competitive quote."
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