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About our insurance products

Unlike some insurers who charge you for cover whether you need it or not, we believe  you should only pay for the cover you want. We have therefore designed a flexible policy that lets you tailor your insurance to your precise needs.

Among the options available are:

Aircraft Loss or Damage
Up to €2.25 million cover for loss or damage to your aeroplane.  
No deduction for time used when replacing parts with specified ‘overhaul life‘ so long as they have not exceeded the manufacturers prescribed life.  
Spares and Equipment
Up to €10,000 for tools, unattached spares and components.  
Road Transportation
Covers your aeroplane while it is transported by road.  
Flying Clothing and Effects
Up to €4,000 for pilot’s clothing, maps, headsets, safety equipment & baggage (max. €2,000 per person).  
Personal Accident
Up to €10,000 per passenger  
Contract Lease
Meets the requirement of finance companies to note their interest on the policy.  
Choose named pilots only or select the ‘open’ pilot option.  
Legal Liability
Up to €28.5 million cover for your potential third party / passenger liability arising out of the use of the Aircraft.  
Crown Indemnity
Extends liability cover to meet the requirements of UK MOD airfields.  
Airside Vehicle Liability
Up to €10 million to cover potential liabilities arising out of the use of a motor vehicle while airside.  
Courtesy Aeroplane
Up to €25,000 for a temporary replacement aircraft following an insured loss.  
Trip Interruption
Up to €6,000 cover for emergency passenger accommodation, food & travel (max. €1,000 per person).  
NCD Protection
Allows one claim in a year without affecting next years no claims discount.  
Geographical Limits
Choose from three defined areas within which the policy will operate.  
Aircraft Use
Restrict cover to private, business and pleasure only or extend it to include other uses such as rental, instruction etc.  

Visicover offers many unique features, such as enabling you to manage your policy online at the time that suits you best.

This innovation extends to the design of our Aeroplane and Helicopter policies which provide a wide range of benefits, including:

Interest Free Instalments
Pay your full premium when you arrange cover or pay a 30% deposit and spread the balance of your premium over 8 monthly instalments at no additional charge (0% Apr). Note, if you are paying by instalments and have a claim, the balance of the years premium becomes payable immediately.  
Up to 20% No Claims Discount
Earn a discount for each claim free year you are insured up to a maximum of 20%. A 10% introductory discount is available if you are claim free but have not held insurance in your own name.  
24-Hour Claims Hotline
A 24-Hour claims hotline is available so help is on hand when you most need it.  
Working With The Allianz Group
Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty (AGCS) underwrite our aviation policies. They are authorised by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin).  

While we can cater for a wide range of aircraft we are currently not able to accommodate warbirds, amphibious aircraft or aircraft used for agricultural purposes, hunting, fire fighting, game capture & control, pylon racing or parachuting. We can also only cater for aircraft owners who are resident in one of the countries listed within the quote process or, in the case of a company, where the company's business is situated in one such country.

To see what you could save, chose a quote type:  Aeroplane  or  Helicopter 
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