How do I change the card used to pay for future instalments?

If you have more than one card registered, you can change which card will be used to pay for future instalments as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover as normal and select 'My Account' from the main menu
  • Select 'Manage Payment Cards' to display a list of registered cards
  • Select the card currently being used for instalment payments to see details of any linked instalment plans
  • Select the instalment plan that you wish to pay using a different card
  • Select the card that you wish to use from the drop-down list
  • Click 'Save' to commit the change
  • Check that the plan has been reallocated to the required card by selecting that card, at which point the instalment plan will be displayed

Important - If you wish to use a card which is not yet registered, click here for details on how to add a card.