How do I use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) makes accessing our service more secure by requiring that when you log in, instead of just using your registered email and password, you would also need to enter a 'One Time Passcode' (OTP) which we will email you.

If you are registering for our service for the first time you will be asked if you wish to enable 2FA. However, if you are already registered will have the opportunity to set your 2FA preferences when you first log in after the we launch the facility on 08/08/2023, with your options being:

  • Yes: You will use 2FA from the next time you log in and benefit from the extra security it gives.
  • No: You will not use 2FA to log in and so will not benefit from the extra security it gives.
  • Ask Me Later: You will be allowed to log in up to 3 times without having to set a preference. If no preference is selected after three log ins, of if you did not log in 3 times in the year after first being given the 2FA option, we will assume that you do not wish 2FA to be enabled.

If you opt to use 2FA, when you next log in we will email you a one time passcode which you must enter  online within 5 minutes of receipt. If you have not done so within this time, or if you cannot find the email, you can ask for it to be resent.

When entering the passcode you will be given the option to remember the device you are logging in from. If you select this, you will not have to enter a passcode when you use that device in future, although you will need one if using a different, unknown device. Note, if you clear the cookies on a remembered device you will need to enter a passcode the next time you log in from it.

If a you wish to change your 2FA preferences you can do so by selecting 'Manage My User Details' from the 'My Account' menu.

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