About My Account

The 'My Account' screen is where you manage the non policy related elements of your Visicover service such as changing passwords, viewing you contact history or checking your payments.

The available options will vary depending on what policies you hold and may include:

  • Manage My User Details – Change your registered user name or change the email address you use to log in with.
  • Manage My Password - Change the password you use to log in with.
  • Manage Payment Cards – Add, delete or update payment cards, or amend the card to use for future payments.
  • View Payment History – View payments invoiced/paid, refunds, or the current balance.
  • View Future Payments - View when any future instalments are due and their amount, by policy number.
  • Access Document History - View key emails (e.g. new policy confirmation) and download related documents.
  • Manage Customer Details - Amend selected personal details (e.g. occupation) and contact details (e.g. email).
  • Manage Authorised Customers - Review whose account you are authorised to manage and choose a default customer.
  • Invite An Authorised Manager - Invite someone (e.g. a co-owner) to manage the account for you.
  • Manage Authorised Managers - Review who can manage your account and change or delete their authority.

To access the 'My Account' screen simply log in to Visicover and select 'My Account' from the main menu.

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