What is a Special Cover request?

We can currently cater for a wide range of insurance requirements but you may have a specific need which is outside our standard options (e.g. cover outside the normal geographic limits). If this is the case you can use the 'Special Cover' facility to request a quote as follows:

  • When you reach the cover page, navigate down to the ‘Special Covers’ section, click ‘Cover Type’ and select the most appropriate option from the drop down list.
  • Give your enquiry a short heading (e.g. United States flight enquiry).
  • Under description provide as much information as you can about the nature of your requirement.
  • Click 'Insert' to save the details of your enquiry.
  • Click 'Calculate' at which point the option to 'Refer To Underwriter' will appear.
  • If you click the refer option, your enquiry will be sent to an underwriter to consider whether it can be covered and, if so, at what price. The underwriter will usually notify you of their decision within one business day.
  • If they agree to your request, you can implement the cover by selecting the quote from the list on your dashboard and completing the policy change.

This facility can be used for new or renewal quotes, or even for quotes to change your existing policy.

Aeroplane Insurance
  • Tailor your cover to your needs
  • Up to 20% No Claim Discount
Helicopter Insurance
  • Wide range of cover options
  • Introductory discount available
  • Extensive FAQs
  • Automated pop-up tips
  • On-demand help pop-ups